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Privacy Policy

Declarations and notices about the privacy of personal information

1. Introduction
New Taipei City Government Revenue Service Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “this office”) absolutely respects and protect your safety and privacy while using the Internet services. To help you understand how New Taipei City Government tax service web (hereinafter referred to as “this service web”) protects your safety while you use the various services on this service web and how it collects, processes, uses, and protects the personal information that you provide, we have specially established the New Taipei City Government tax service web privacy protection policy (hereinafter referred to as “this policy”). Please carefully read the following notes. We welcome your comments and questions.

2. privacy protection policy

  1. applicable to
    This policy is applicable to how it handles situations when they involve the collection, processing, use, and protection of personal information while you use the various services on this service web. Additionally, this service web may provide links to other websites, which may themselves have their own respective privacy protection policy. This policy does not apply to how these linked website collect, process, and use data, and this office is not severally responsible.
  2. The purpose of collecting personal information, types of information, and how it is use
    This service web presently offers certain service items, such as information about activities, online questionnaires, mailbox for opinions, and registration for e-newspapers, and it may offer additional service items in the future. When a service requires personal information such as name, ID number, email address, and telephone, you have the discretion to provide or not to provide optional information. However, there are situations where we can provide a service only when you have supplied the required information; for example, article 3 of the rules on how the Executive Yuan and its subordinate agencies handle appeals from the public stipulates that the appeal must include specifics about the item being appealed, real name, and contact information. If you do not provide such required information, this office will not be able to provide the service you request. We adequately protect your privacy. The personal information that this office collects, processes, and uses is handled entirely according to the applicable laws and regulations as they concern the execution of the requested business and Personal Information Protection Act.
  3. The area and time of using personal information
    This service web uses your personal information only in the Republic of China. Unless otherwise published on web pages, in accordance with the above stated purpose, such personal information is kept for 5 years.
  4. How the right to use personal information is exercised
    After you have provided personal information on this service web, you may exercise the following rights according to the Personal Information Protection Act.
    (1) inquire or request to browse
    (2) request a duplicate copy
    (3) request to add or correct information
    (4) request to stop collecting, process, or using information
    (5) request to delete
    Please be advised that if you request this office to delete the personal information concerning certain service item on this service web, this office may be unable to continue providing this service item to you.

    When one of the following situations occurs, this office will stop collecting, processing, or using personal information in lieu of deleting that information.
    (1) there is a retention period that is stipulated by law, regulation, or contract
    (2) there is sufficient reason to believe that the requested deletion will infringe upon the rights of the party concerned that should be rightfully protected
    (3) there is a justifiable reason for not deleting
    If you wish to exercise your rights, please contact New Taipei City Government Revenue Service Bureau at (02) 8952-8200 or E-mail at

3. Revisions to the privacy protection policy
Technology advances rapidly, so before laws and regulations are perfected, they may not be fully able to handle unforeseen situations or changes. This office will adjust this policy as needed to carry out the intent to protect your privacy. When this office completes a modification to this policy, we will immediately post it conspicuously on this service web to remind you to click on it and read about it.

  • Date:2018-08-27
  • Department:Planning Service Division
  • Update:2018-10-02
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