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Declaration about copyright

1. Declaration about copyright

  1. Except objects that cannot be copyrighted as specified in Copyright Act, such as law, orders, speeches drafted or written by public servants, and news releases (refer to article 9 of Copyright Act), the entire content on the New Taipei City Government revenue service web, including texts, photographs, diagrams, audio recordings, videos, and others, is protected under the Copyright Act,
  2. Anybody can and are invited to freely make use of the above-mentioned objects that cannon be copyrighted.
  3. Except reasonable use, any copyright-protected contents on this website can be used only after securing the consent or authorization of the copyright holder.
  4. The following notes are about the above-mentioned “reasonable use”:
    (1) On this website, all articles published in the name of New Taipei City Government Revenue Service Bureau, in other words, authored by New Taipei City Government Revenue Service Bureau, may be, within reason, duplicated, broadcast or delivered openly, but please cite the source.
    (2) The content of this website may be reproduced for personal or family, non-commercial purposes.
    (3) The content of this website may be reasonably cited with attribution for reporting, commentary, teaching, research, or other righteous purposes.
    (4) Please refer to articles 44 to 65 for other reasonable uses.
  5. The rights management information on this website may not be removed or altered without permission unless such removal or alternation is allowed in article 80-1 of the Copyright Act, “where removal or alteration of electronic rights management information of the work is unavoidable in the lawful exploitation of the work given technological limitations at the time of the act.”

2. Linking to this website
Generally speaking, any website may link to this website without consent from this office. However, such linkage must clearly show the name of this office. This office does not permit any linkage to this website if such a link will mislead the user.

3. Related link
Links in this website are provided for the convenience of the Internet user. This website merely provides the link, and this office is not responsible for anybody following the link and utilizing the content of the linked website.

4. Disclaimers
The links provided by this website are provided by their respective website; whose relevant rights are owned by that website or its rightful owner. This office does not guarantee its accuracy, up-to-dateness, or completeness.

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