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Revenue Service Office, New Taipei City Government


Bilingual Glossary

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No 中文 (Chinese) 英文 (English)
1 無違章欠稅證明書 Certificate of No Tax Violations and Tax Arrears
2 彙總繳納 Paid by Filing a Collective Tax Return
3 註銷 Stamp Cancelled
4 揭下重用 Removed for Reuse
5 貼花 Stamp Affixed
6 分割不動產契據 Contracts for Partition of Real Estate
7 讓受契據 Contracts for Transfer
8 典賣契據 Contracts for Sale
9 買賣動產契據 Deeds for Sale of Movables
10 承攬契據 Contracting Agreements
11 銀錢收據 Receipts for Monetary Payment
12 印花稅應稅憑證 Taxable Documents for Stamp Tax
13 前次移轉現值 The Previous Transfer Value
14 土地漲價總數額 Total Amount of Land Value Increment
15 農業用地 Agricultural Land
16 重購退稅 The Land Value Increment Tax is Refunded to Landowner due to Reacquisition of Self-use Residential Land
17 自用住宅用地 Self-use Residential Land
18 公告現值 Assessed Present Value
19 營業用 For Business Use
20 總層數 The Total Number of Floors of the Building