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Revenue Service Office, New Taipei City Government


Bilingual Glossary

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No 中文 (Chinese) 英文 (English)
21 應繳未繳 Non-payment of Tax Due
22 課稅資料 Taxable Data
23 構造 Structure
24 毀損面積 The Area which was Destroyed
25 起造人 The Builder
26 移轉當期 The Current Period within which the Building is Transferred
27 面積 Area
28 屋頂游泳池加價 Added Value for a Swimming Pool on the Roof
29 建造執照 Construction License
30 非住家非營業用 A Building Used for Non-residential and Non-business Purposes
31 房屋現值 The Current Value of a House
32 房屋標準價格 The Standard Value of a House
33 房屋所有人 House-owner
34 房屋高度 Height of the House
35 延不申請使用執照 A Delay in Applying for the Issuance of a Usage License
36 夾層 A Double Layer
37 使用執照 Usage License
38 因而發生漏稅 Results in Tax Evasion
39 住家用 Residential Purposes
40 共同使用部分 The Area of Common Use