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Revenue Service Office, New Taipei City Government


Bilingual Glossary

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No 中文 (Chinese) 英文 (English)
1 補照 Anew Issue License
2 換照 Change License
3 註銷 Revoke
4 過戶 Transfer Vehicle Ownership
5 報廢 Vehicle Scrapped
6 復駛 Revert Drive
7 繳銷 Hand in for Cancellation
8 停駛 Vehicle Suspension
9 吊扣 License Suspensions
10 吊銷 Termination
11 電動車 Electric vehicle
12 機動車輛 Motor vehicle
13 移用使用牌照 Vehicle License Removed for use on Another Vehicle
14 裝配之交通工具 Assembled Transportation Equipment
15 供身心障礙者使用之交通工具 Transportation Equipment Used Exclusively by a Mentally or Physically Disabled Person Who Carries a Mental/Physical Disability card Issued by the Competent Authorities
16 交通工具 Transportation Equipment
17 汽缸總排氣量 Total Cylinder Displacement Volume
18 使用牌照稅 Vehicle License Tax