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Revenue Service Office, New Taipei City Government


Bilingual Glossary

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No 中文 (Chinese) 英文 (English)
1 行政處分 Administrative sanction
2 確定 Confirmation
3 行政救濟 Administrative relief
4 行政訴訟 Administrative proceedings
5 訴願 Administrative Appeal
6 復查 Recheck
7 債權憑證 Certificate of the Obligatory Claim
8 稅捐法定主義 Principle of Taxation Under the Law
9 強制執行 Compulsory Execution
10 限制出境 Restriction on Leaving the ROC
11 禁止財產處分 Prohibited From the Disposal of Property
12 稅捐保全 Tax Safeguards
13 參與分配 Participate in the Distribution of the Proceeds From the Court-enforced Sale of a Property