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Revenue Service Office, New Taipei City Government


Pay at the counter of Financial Institution

(1)Tax category: Local taxes such as the house tax, land value tax, vehicle license tax, deed tax, land value increment tax, amusement tax and stamp tax.

(2)Payment method:By cash or check.

(3)Applicable periodDuring the payment period. (in the event of late payment, a 1 percent delayed payment charge will be imposed on the amount of the arrears every three days. Any amount that is overdue for 30 days will be transferred to the Administrative Enforcement Agency for compulsory execution.)

(4)Timing:During the business hours of financial institutions (excluding post offices).

(5)Payment locations:Any financial institution that is an agent for accepting tax payments.

(6)Handling charge:Paid by the local tax collection authorities.

  • Date:2018-08-29
  • Department:Planning Service Division
  • Update:2022-01-13
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