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Revenue Service Office, New Taipei City Government


Payment by arranged transfers of accounts

(1)Tax catgory:Periodic taxes such as the house tax, land value tax, and vehicle license tax.

(2)Applicable period:During the payment period.

(3)Timing:Application to be made two months before the tax declaration.

(4)Place of Application:Financial institutions, post offices, and the tax collection authorities of your locality

(5)How to apply:

  1. Using a deposit account of the taxpayer, of his or her spouse, or their dependent relative at a financial institution or post office, fill out an agreement form to make transfer payments in duplicate, attach a photocopy of the most recent payment receipt, appose the respective seal used for withdrawing funds from that account, and mail it back.
  2. Fill the depositor’s information in the “Entrusted Transfer of Tax Payment Agreement Form”, attach it to the payment notice then mail it back.
  3. Online application.



  1. The taxpayer.
  2. The holder of the account designated for the transfer payment of taxes.
  3. An agent

(7)Payment deduction date: Due date of payment.(the date of trasfer payment notification destine day)

(8)Sanding notification:Sanding trasfer payment notification before payment period for reminding keep account balance.

(9)Proof of payment: If needed, the taxpayer may apply to the tax collection authority for one.

(10)Handling charge: Paid by the local tax collection authorities.

(11)Download Application Form:Entrusted Transfer of Tax Payment Agreement Form.

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