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Revenue Service Office, New Taipei City Government


Payment by ATM transfers

  1. Tax category:Periodic taxes such as house tax, land value tax, and vehicle license tax.
  2. Applicable period:During the payment period.
  3. Timing:Five calendar days prior to payment period and 3 days after the tax due date. (deadline: midnight)
  4. Payment locations: ATMs displaying a sticker for “Interbank withdrawals, transfers, tax payments”
  5. How to proceed:​ Take a bank card to an ATM displaying a sticker for “Interbank withdrawals, transfers, tax payments” and follow the directions.
  6. Payment deduction date: At the time of the transfer.
  7. Proof of payment: If needed, the taxpayer may apply to the tax collection authority for one.
  8. Handling charge: Paid by the local tax collection authorities.
  9. Steps of operation:Bank card →Key in Password →Select Other financial institutions or services →Select Transfer payment →Key in Payment type →Key in Payment ID number →Key in Payment amount →Key in Payment Deadline →Processing →Confirm data is correct → Take out Transaction detail receipt →Remember to keep the receipt.
  • Date:2018-08-29
  • Department:Planning Service Division
  • Update:2022-01-13
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