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Revenue Service Office, New Taipei City Government


Paying tax by credit card in person

(1)At the counter

  1. All-purpose service counters at branches and at Head Office.
  2. Counters at the Taipei Motor Vehicles Office, the Banqiao Motor Vehicles Supervision Station, the Luzhou Motor Vehicles Station and the Keelung Motor Vehicles Supervision Station.

(2)Applicable Tax Category: 7 major tax categories of New Taipei City's local taxes .(including late payment, fine and necessary executory costs)
*Our counter at the Motor vehicle Supervision Office (Station) only accepts tax payments and New Taipei City Vehicle License Tax by credit card.

(3)Payment method: By credit card or mobile payment tool at the above counter.


  1. All credit cards issued by institutions forming part of the "National Credit Card Center of R.O.C 's Credit Card Payment Platform for Public Agency Fee".
  2. The maximum amount limit is based on the individual's credit card limit.
  3. Once the card is swiped and the authorization code is obtained, it may not be canceled or modified after leaving the counter.
  • Date:2018-08-29
  • Department:Planning Service Division
  • Update:2019-12-09
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