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Revenue Service Office, New Taipei City Government


Bilingual Glossary

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No 中文 (Chinese) 英文 (English)
1 營業用 For Business Use
2 總層數 The Total Number of Floors of the Building
3 應繳未繳 Non-payment of Tax Due
4 課稅資料 Taxable Data
5 構造 Structure
6 毀損面積 The Area which was Destroyed
7 起造人 The Builder
8 移轉當期 The Current Period within which the Building is Transferred
9 面積 Area
10 屋頂游泳池加價 Added Value for a Swimming Pool on the Roof
11 建造執照 Construction License
12 非住家非營業用 A Building Used for Non-residential and Non-business Purposes
13 房屋現值 The Current Value of a House
14 房屋標準價格 The Standard Value of a House
15 房屋所有人 House-owner
16 房屋高度 Height of the House
17 延不申請使用執照 A Delay in Applying for the Issuance of a Usage License
18 夾層 A Double Layer
19 使用執照 Usage License
20 因而發生漏稅 Results in Tax Evasion