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Revenue Service Office, New Taipei City Government


Bilingual Glossary

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No 中文 (Chinese) 英文 (English)
21 住家用 Residential Purposes
22 共同使用部分 The Area of Common Use
23 合法登記之工廠 Duly-Registered Factory
24 申報日期 Date of Declaration
25 未辦所有權登記之實際所有人 The Actual Owner of which Property is Unregistered
26 用途 Usage of the Building
27 卡序 Numeric Card
28 未滿一個月不計 A Period of Less Than One Month is Rounded off
29 不堪居住 Uninhabitable
30 房屋稅 House Tax
31 已辦登記之所有權人 The Registered Owner of the Property